DIFFERENCE: Tupiza is a quiet little place, which contrasts with the bustle of big cities, it is worth stopping even one day to discover places hard to find elsewhere on the planet. It is a different place, where you can enjoy nature at any time of year.

TRANQUILITY: Those seeking contact with the countryside, peace, rest, mountains. Those who love nature, flora - fauna and enjoy quiet walks or horseback riding find the ideal choice in Tupiza. Short distances from the hotel.

SAFETY: It is one of the safest areas in Bolivia. In and around the city, you can travel without fear at any time of day or night.

INFRASTRUCTURE: HOTELERA MITRU offers its safe and comfortable facilities with varied and accessible options.

OFFERS: Its wonderful mountains, canyons and places seem rescued from the screen and the adventures for the toughest stage of Road Runner and Coyote, very hard to find elsewhere on the planet. There are beautiful circuits such as: LA TRAVESÍA DE LOS BANDOLEROS, tours to GORGES AND CANYONS, rural tourism, TREKKING, HORSEBACK RIDING, and we must point out that Tupiza is the BEST ACCESS DOOR to Laguna Celeste, Laguna Verde and Laguna Colorada, (Blue, Green and Red Lagoons) the salt deserts, the snow-capped volcanoes or the BOLIVIA SOUTHWEST CIRCUIT.

CLIMATE: Temperate, its temperature allows enjoying the outdoors most of the year, ranging from 2° C to 18º C during winter, to 8° C to 35º C during summer. It has a clear sky with no trace of air pollution.

CORDIALITY: The Chicheño, whether from the rural area or the city, is a good host, friendly by nature, attentive and proud of his inherited traditions. Most of its population has secondary, technical or university education and has a rich tradition of writers, musicians and prominent national figures.

SERVICES: There are basic services, electricity, sewerage and drinking water; Schools, Colleges and Universities. National and international telecommunications, permanent cellular service and Internet.

There is NO ATM service. You can get cash in the bank, 5% commission (Monday - Friday).

HISTORY: It is a bridge between the Spanish and the American history with testimonials about the colony and its original population.

ACCESSIBILITY: Tupiza is linked with the rest of the country and neighboring countries through a network of stable roads, it has a safe and permanent service of buses and railways.

ECONOMY: Garlic and corn crops are the most profitable production.

THE CITY: The city keeps a colonial style, its Cathedral built in the seventeenth century stands out as one of the most important buildings. In the main square, the statue of Don Avelino Aramayo can be seen, Nearby, the only two museums in the village are located, and also the Hill Corazón de Jesus (Heart of Jesus), a beautiful viewpoint from which you can capture photographically the magical moment when the sun sets and its ray path covers beautifully the town. Across the river is Chajra Huasi - straw-house - a magnificent Italian Villa in the 1870s, it is located near the Hill of La Cruz, a red mountain, easily accessible, you can have a panoramic view of the city and the Chichas Mountain Range from there.