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"El mundo se ha reservao un campito muy sagrao, con cerros colorados a cada costao y el silbido del wichico a colaborao pa' llamarle Tupiza Pueblito Encantao".

Alfredo Dominguez

Tupiza is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in Bolivia, the geographical variety and the climate they make of this area a fantastic tourist attraction, greens valleys, red and long canyons, cactus forests and multicolored rocky formations in the 4 cardinal points, in synthesis the landscape is painted by an artist's hands.
Tupiza has an altitude of 2952 m and its population belongs approximately to 24.000 habitants, the half temperature is of 15°, the summer time very beautiful, with temperatures that arrive at 30°. The rainy station is from January to March and the winter temperatures approximately until 0° at night.

Tupiza is the place where Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid stole the remittance of the Company Aramayo in 1908 and they found its end in San Vicente, a population that is to 119 Km .
Of Tupiza and mainly it is THE BEST AND MAIN DOOR TOWARD THE LIPEZ AND SALAR DE UYUNI, a vast plain, sprinkled by a diversity of lagoons of different tonalities, volcanos and salares that extend in a total surface of 814,845 has.
And it is reached altitudes of up to 5.500 msnm. It is located in the almost arid and high andean geographical region. The environmental characteristics of this region are their extreme aridity, scarce precipitation fluvial and intense solar radiation.

This whole area has a marked difference of temperature among the day and the night whose variation can be from 10°C to -20°C , this defines that the atmosphere is one of the most adverse for emergence and the development of the life.
But the nature in this inhospitable atmosphere had been able to form an unique ecosystem, the fauna has adapted in diverse ways and its main centers of life are the lagoons, the salares that form each one of them, true ecological islands.
For these reasons TUPIZA, is the center of our operations, to be able to manage in the best possible way our work and to offer the best service for you.