• In cities and towns where there are options to choose hotels 2*, 3*, 4* or 5*, according to your preference, we take care of your booking.

  • In Tupiza Mitru Annex 2* and Mitru   Hotel 3-4*.

Simple Shelters throughout the area of Lípez. You have the option to change, with and additional cost, to High Mountain Ecolodges:

  • Los Volcanes Hotel. San Pablo de Lípez, Sud Lípez (Ecolodge)
  • La Cabaña in Laguna Verde (Basic)
  • Hotel del Desierto Desierto de Siloli, Sud Lipez (Ecolodge)
  • Hotel de Piedra. San Pedro de Quemez (Ecolodge)
  • Hotel de Sal in Tahua, Salar de Uyuni (Ecolodge)
  • HAtullcha Salt Hotel, on the shores of the Salt Flat (basic - shared bathroom)
  • Samaricuna Hotel in Candelaria on the shores of the Salt Flat (basic and shared bathroom)
  • Luna Salada Hotel on the shores of Salt Flat.


Reservations by bus, train or flights.
Bus rental with capacity of 25 to 40passengers for trips covering the central routes
2007 Ford Tourist Wagon with capacity of 12 passenger for trips in central routes.
Vehicles 4x4 for trips in the Lipez area, the salt flats and lagoons.
Transfer to San Pedro de Atacama (10;00) by Minibus or by vehicles 4x4 if you choose a private trip at the time scheduled for the client.


  • City Tours with specialized guides.
  • tours with vehicles 4x4, the Driver / Guide is the same person.
  • Local guides during the ascent to the Volcanoes.
  • Bilingual guides in English (the Driver or the Cook, does not occupy other space) at an additional cost, make the reservation in advance, we only have 3 guides in English.

DRIVERS / GUIDES: All drivers are professional, have a vast experience, knowledge of the routes and mechanics to solve any problem.

It is safer from March to December during the dry season. We also work during the rainy season by taking certain precautions or changes in the routes. The weather is usually sunny but cold at night (+8° to 20 ° below 0).

BAGGAGE: All baggage is loaded on the 4x4 vehicle during the trip.

During the expeditions, a cook comes along to prepare the meals, 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, soft drinks, mineral water and energy bars for ascents.

LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: Non-technical climbs, regular mountain slopes with violent winds and mudslides. Forestall altitude acclimatization.

Photocopy of your passport, numbers of your insurance company, photographic camera, sleeping bag resistant to less than 15 degrees, (you can also rent it at an accessible additional cost). Warm clothes (windstopper, blanket, gloves, thick socks), mountain boots, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, flashlight, penknife, two backpacks, a trip backpack and a small backpack.

ADDITIONAL: Oxygen bottles, sleeping bags, accommodation in salt hotels or ecolodges, specialized bilingual guides in English and Spanish.

ADAPTABILITY: You need to be able to deal with unexpected situations or lack of comfort (bad roads, low temperatures -25 °), Take into account that we are in the poorest and more depressed areas of Bolivia. This is an adventure tour, where everything is possible and nothing is certain.

PROTECTION OF THE SITES: It is a priority for Tupiza Tours to preserve the ecological balance in the region. Therefore, each participant has a responsibility in taking care of the natural places visited. Our purpose is to preserve nature for the benefit of all.